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About the Authors

Isabela Iiams is a second-year undergraduate student at American University (Washington, D.C.) studying international relations with a concentration in justice, ethics, and human rights. Her interest in these topics, especially their intersections with the legal system, guide her research and writing.

Kamryn Moore is a senior at Webster University – Saint Louis pursuing her BA in International Human Rights. She has a passion for children’s rights and is interested in the intersection of politics and religion with human rights. She hopes to spend her life advocating for the rights of children around the world.

Onuchi Ndee is a third-year undergraduate student at American University in Washington, D.C., currently earning her BA in International Studies and Justice, Law, and Criminology. Her concentrations in cultural identity and human rights are reflected in her research interests.

Tasha Roberts, born and raised in Saint Louis, is a senior at Webster University-Saint Louis where she pursues a double major in Political Science and French. She is interested in promoting and creating peace-making policies while also advocating for human rights above any individual politics. She hopes to one day be a diplomat or author.