UHC Advice: Spring Clean Your Mind

Wipe off the Negative

Turn off that little voice in your head that criticizes you.  Remember that no one is perfect and love yourself warts and all.  If you truly love yourself, then you can start to love others and have others love you.

Clean Up Old Memories

Don’t let your past affect your present.  Do you hold back in relationships because you were hurt in the past?  Clear out this way of thinking and move on.  One way is to write down your unpleasant memory and the way it makes you feel or to write an open letter to someone whom you find it difficult to forgive.  You don’t need to send it, just writing it down is enough. Carrying grudges around is much like cluttering your house with unnecessary items.  Clear it out and you will feel a lot lighter.

Rediscover Fun

Life as a ‘grown up’ can become too serious, so make sure you make time for the things you enjoy.  Set aside your fears, resentments defenses and bad moods and get in touch with your inner child.

Throw Away Excuses

Are you the Queen (or King) of unfinished business?  Is your exercise bike or sewing machine gathering dust?  If so, get rid of excuses and get on with it.  A well worn excuse is ‘I can’t change’, but you can.  If you really want to and believe it is possible you can change your habits.

Change Filter

If life isn’t going your way do you tend to moan and feel sorry for yourself?  You don’t have to dwell on your misfortunes.  Instead, why don’t you turn your attention outwards?  Look for people who need your help, this will take your mind off your own problems and you will be helping to make a difference to someone else.  It’s a no-lose situation.

Try it – it really does work!

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