Over 100 Pieces of Public Art in Emerson Library

| July 1, 2015
Public Art in the Library

“With this piece, you don’t even need to stand up to do your good deed for the day.”

The artwork in Emerson Library now numbers over 100 pieces and features paintings, drawings, sculptures, etchings, posters and more, which have been selected from the University’s extensive art collection and installed by the Department of Art, Design and Art History and the university’s Public Art Council.

A recent installation includes a unique fundraising  chair designed by Rafael Morgan and fabricated by Brian Zimmerman.

Morgan, the artist, explained his piece: “Some people are too avid about making money, but too lazy when it comes to helping others, so, with this chair, they won’t even need to stand up to do their good deed of the day… Once it’s crammed with money, you can donate it to your preferred charity institution.”

This week, the library sent $280 from generous donors to the Office of Advancement to add to the Department of Art, Design and Art History scholarship fund.

Donations small and large add up quickly, and we encourage you to enjoy the art in the library during your next visit and consider donating to Morgan’s art piece (located on the first floor near the south elevator).

See this link for information about the university’s public art initiative: www.webster.edu/artcouncil/publicart.


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