New Conflict of Interest Policy from University Secretary’s Office

| May 18, 2015

Webster University is revising and strengthening our conflict of interest policies and practices as part of an ongoing review of University policies and in maintaining good business practices. The conflict of interest policy has been approved by the Board of Trustees, is effective immediately and applies to all University employees and trustees.

The University recognizes that its employees and trustees perform different functions on its behalf. Consequently, due to the unique nature of some employees’ job roles, employees in certain positions will be required to complete an annual conflict of interest questionnaire, which will be sent directly to them under separate cover.

Conflict of interest policies take many forms, depending upon the organization where they are implemented. Webster’s policy provides ethical guidance on such matters as not accepting gifts or gratuities in excess of $100, among other important issues. Please contact your unit head if you have any questions.


Category: Employee News, Faculty

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