Leiden Alumna Profile: Lim puts Webster education to work for HBO Asia

| April 14, 2015
Leiden alumna - Webster School of Communications

Lim says “all the hands-on classes at Webster” have helped her in her job for HBO Asia.

Webster University alumna Amanda Lim ’14 wasted no time putting her degree to work, where she soon realized the benefits of the technical, academic and cultural aspects of her Webster education.

After her graduation at the Webster Leiden campus in May 2014, she booked a one-way flight back home to Singapore for a job interview at HBO Asia.

She got the job and started right away, working in several area of programming and production.

In a profile of Lim in the latest Webster Leiden “Alumni in the Spotlight,” she described what she enjoyed about Webster University and the Leiden campus in particular:

“When I think of Webster it still feels like home. Webster always had their lights on and the curtains open, it looked so cozy and welcoming. When I had evening classes I would walk through the beautiful city of Leiden and could see Webster from a distance. I always looked forward to the upcoming lesson because the teachers really cared about their students and this showed in their teaching.”

“The best part of Webster would be the diversity. At Webster you meet so many different people from different cultures. It has been a real eye opener in terms of how to adapt and to learn how to talk to people from cultures other than my own. I do not think I would be as open minded as I am now if I had not studied at Webster.”

Lim also described how to put that diversity to work, in the form of advice to current students:

“While working towards my BA in Media and Communications I went to many different kinds of events, because it is very important to network. You have to go to events and you have to start talking to the attendees, even if it is outside of your comfort zone. I’m not a very naturally social person, I do not like to talk to people I do not know. You have to force yourself to go out there and mingle, and things will start to come easier.”

“You can learn a lot from international people, all cultures are unique in different ways.”

Read the rest of her thoughts and advice to students in the full story at Webster Leiden [PDF].

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