Students Create Action Plan, Celebrate Centennial at Day 3 of Global Summit

| March 13, 2015
Global Student Leadership Summit participants celebrated their inclusion as a signature event of the University’s Centennial Celebration by signing the Webster 100 sculpture.

Twenty-nine student leaders from throughout the worldwide network of Webster University campuses gathered in St. Louis March 10-13 to discuss leadership and advocacy for the Global Student Leadership Summit.

On Thursday, March 12, the 29 participants in the Global Student Leadership Summit spent the morning engaging in a case study simulation, coordinated by John Buck, associate dean of students and coordinator of the WebsterLEADS program.

Global Student Leadership Summit

Students initially interacted through an online program before an intense week of collaborative leadership activities in St. Louis

After two energizer activities, the group engaged in the Trading Game simulation highlighting the motivation of intentionally pursuing self-interest at the unconscious expense of benefiting the greater good. During the discussion students reflected on collectivism and individualism and how they could use what they learned to benefit their campuses as student leaders.

In an afternoon session, coordinated by Ted Hoef, associate vice president for Student Affairs and dean of Students, the participants engaged in action planning for how they will take what they have learned at the Summit and apply it on their home campuses.

They also explored how they will take an active role in identifying future student leaders and how they will continue to develop and maintain strong connections among student leaders across the Webster campuses. Their goal will be to help improve the quality of student leadership at their home campus. The students worked in campus teams and shared great ideas about how to foster student involvement and build on the connections created during the Summit.

During the Cultural Artifact activity, the student examined the importance of being culturally self-aware, even to the extent of knowing what we wear and carry with us says about us and our culture, which we often may not think about.

While enjoying the beautiful early spring weather, the students took a brief break to visit the Webster 100 sculpture just outside of the East Academic Building, and used markers to add their messages to the many comments and messages already inscribed on the giant numbers.

Signing the Big 100

Participants celebrated the Summit’s inclusion as a signature event of the University’s Centennial Celebration by signing the Webster 100 sculpture.

The Summit participants also gathered in small groups to reflect on their learning experiences, and continued to work on their proposals for student-centered initiatives to help achieve the new Webster strategic plan, which were to be presented to the University community on Friday, March 13, 10 a.m. in the Community Music School and streamed online for the entire worldwide community to see.

Thursday evening, the Summit participants joined the Global Leadership Academy fellows for a joint dinner in the East Academic Building, followed by a presentation of leadership models by students enrolled in a WebsterLEADS course.

Following the presentations, the students will take part in a graduation ceremony followed by one last reflection session. The students from international campuses will join their local counterparts in visits to St. Louis area attractions and restaurants on Friday afternoon and evening, prior to departing for their home campuses on Saturday.

As a signature event of the University’s Centennial Celebration, from March 10-13, 2015, 29 student leaders from throughout the worldwide network of Webster University campuses have gathered on the home campus in St. Louis to discuss leadership and advocacy. The Summit provides a unique opportunity for Webster University student leaders to gain knowledge and skills, and create positive change in a global environment. By developing relationships with peers from throughout Webster’s global network, participants will gain a better understanding of the impact student involvement has on students and Webster University worldwide. This immersion experience will challenge students to reflect on their own leadership ability, involve them in crucial conversations about the student experience at Webster, and strengthen the connections among student leaders throughout the University’s global network.

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