Global Leadership Academy 2015 Opens: ‘Be bold, be brave’

| March 10, 2015
Global Leadership Academy 2015

Webster leaders and Global Leadership Academy directors welcomed the 18 fellows of the GLA 2015 cohort.

Global Leadership Academy 2015

President Stroble and Provost Schuster led fellows in morning sessions revolving around Webster’s “Strategic Future in Today’s Higher Education Landscape.”

The 2015 cohort of Global Leadership Academy (GLA) fellows were welcomed to St. Louis Monday for their first week of the Academy by President Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble and Provost Julian Schuster. The president and provost led morning sessions revolving around Webster’s “Strategic Future in Today’s Higher Education Landscape.”

The leaders explained the history and purpose of the Academy and how leadership development is now more important than ever as we work through current financial challenges.

As part of the opening day activities, Stroble and Schuster engaged the fellows in an exploration of Webster through a different lens, examining Webster not as a place, but rather as a concept:

What about the concept of Webster is common to other institutions of higher education, and what about the concept is unique to Webster?

As the conversation turned to the unique aspects of each Webster campus, the president talked of embracing unity in that diversity. Ahead of their first in-person gathering, members of the cohort had already experienced the diversity within their group through assigned reading and online discussions via Canvas.

Global Leadership Academy 2015

For the fellows to thrive as leaders, Schuster encouraged them to be bold, brave and fearless.

Schuster said that in order to be successful, people need to specialize in one thing but also have a general knowledge or understanding of what others do. The most successful institutions must create the programs that foster this, and this focus area is one of the strengths of GLA.

To best utilize the programming of GLA and to improve as leaders at Webster, Schuster challenged the fellows to be bold, be brave, and have no fear.

Stroble discussed the competencies that employers are seeking and how those get to the core of the teaching and learning that happening at Webster. These competencies will shape the future of the institution, and leaders like those in GLA will help guide it there.

During the first day, fellows also learned their team assignments and projects they would undertake throughout the coming year.

About Global Leadership Academy

The Global Leadership Academy (GLA) is a leadership development program open to the faculty and staff of the Webster University global community. GLA fellows are selected each year to participate in a series of workshop and activities that help them to lead successfully in their roles and positions within the University. The primary mission of the GLA is to invest in the people of Webster University so that they may lead from where they are.

The fellows of the GLA divide responsibilities for facilitating workshops with internal and external subject matter experts, along with previous GLA fellows.


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