Expanded Geneva Summer Clusters Offer Study Abroad, Learning Community Opportunities for Students

| February 9, 2015
Geneva Summer Cluster

Students in the 2014 cluster on Sustainability made a field trip to the Grande Dixence Dam 2400 meters up in the Swiss Alps.

Following the success of the cluster of three courses Webster University Geneva offered students last summer on the subject of Sustainability, this year the Geneva campus will expand its offer of special clusters. These clusters of three courses each are open to all undergraduate students in the Webster University network.

Webster Geneva view

Webster’s campus is ideally situated in the international city of Geneva, with access to all of Europe’s major cities.

Ron Daniel, Webster Geneva academic director, requires that the faculty members teaching a cluster together form a learning community and actively coordinate their efforts to ensure that connections are made between the courses. The result is that the overall learning is greater than the sum of the parts—or individual courses.

Daniel enthusiastically promotes the program. “If you have ever considered study abroad, now is the time to do it,” he said. “This summer, we will offer three clusters on topical subjects that will allow you to fast-track some of your academic requirements and develop an international perspective that will help you become a truly global citizen.”

The location only enhances the experience. “Geneva is a great place to be in the summer,” Daniel said. “The weather is nice, and Europe’s largest lake and highest mountain are at your doorstep. Furthermore, Geneva is situated right in the middle of Europe with local low-cost flights to all the major European cities.”

The three clusters that will be offered to students coming from the United States, and the courses that make them up are:

“The Brain, Mind & Social Networks”

  • PSYC 3350 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYC 3000 Neuroscience and the Brain
  • PSYC 3000 Social Media and Interpersonal Relationships


  • SUST 1000 Introduction to Sustainable Studies
  • PHIL 2360 Contemporary Moral Problems
  • MNGT 3100 Issues in Management; Multinational Corporations

“Switzerland and its Diversity”

  • INTL 2610 Advocacy, NGO’s and Civil Society
  • ILC 2150 Topics in Culture – The History and Art of Switzerland
  • ILC 2150 Topics in Culture – Plurinlingual Switzerland

Nicolas Iselin, marketing director at Webster Geneva, notes other benefits of studying at Webster Geneva this summer. “The format of the clusters is intense because it incorporates the same content and contact hours as an eight-week term in a six-week format,” Iselin said. “By June 27, the clusters are completed. This allows visiting study abroad students extra time to further discover Europe and have a real break before classes resume in the fall.

“In addition, Webster Geneva will be offering housing to any student in the Webster network, at a price that would be hard to beat in any major European city,” Iselin added. “Finally, while Geneva is in the French-speaking part of the country, it is one of the most international cities of the world and English is spoken extensively by its inhabitants, making it an easy place to get around.”

Study Abroad Resources

The Office of Study Abroad at Webster in St. Louis makes it very easy for undergraduate students in the United States to study abroad this Summer Term—and all other terms during the year for that matter. Round-trip airfare from the United States to Switzerland is covered by Webster University as part of the Webster World Traveler Program.

Students who would like to enroll in these exciting clusters at Webster Geneva should contact their local advisor. In the United States, those interested can contact Kimberly Mantia-Ochoa in the Office of Study Abroad at kimberlymantia45@webster.edu.

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