Success, and Next Steps, on Undergraduate Retention

| February 5, 2015

At the Webster Groves campus, the latest enrollment report for flat fee undergraduates shows the number of returning undergraduates for Spring semester has surpassed the budgeted figure. A strong push by many individuals helped surpass the goal.

Shortly following the registration dates for the next semester, a campus-wide effort begins to reach out and help non-registered students get enrolled for the next semester.

Sarah Tetley and Justin Barton from the First-Year Experience department coordinate this effort with ongoing support from Susan Tomey in Enrollment Technology, who provides critical data every week. Yet it takes the hard work of faculty and staff throughout the campus to achieve the goal.

Just some of the key parties involved in making this success possible include:

  • Deans and associate deans in the schools and colleges
  • Faculty and academic advisors
  • First-year seminar instructors
  • Support staff in the schools and colleges
  • Academic resource center staff
  • Supervisors of student employees
  • Student affairs staff
  • Athletics coaches and staff
  • Financial aid and bursar office staff
  • Connection Leaders and Residential advisors

While it is great that we surpassed the budgeted goal for spring semester, students register for Fall semester beginning on March 30. By mid-April, we will begin again with the intensive process of reaching out to those who have not registered.

Thanks to everyone who helped undergraduates get registered for spring, and we look forward to your continued good work starting again in April!

Submitted by Ted Hoef, associate vice president for Student Affairs, and dean of Students

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  1. Beth Stroble says:

    Congratulations and my thanks for great collegial teamwork that helps Webster students succeed in moving forward and reaching their goals!