FDC Faculty Fellowship Call for 2015-16, Info Session Feb. 20

| February 4, 2015

The Faculty Development Center (FDC) is accepting proposals for faculty fellows for the 2015-16 academic year. The deadline for submitting application materials is March 23, 2015.

The FDC Faculty Fellows program offers opportunities for faculty members to work with the professional staff in the FDC on focus areas to improve student learning.  Fellowships are designed to help faculty members advance and expand their own scholarship of teaching and learning while providing faculty development opportunities and peer support to colleagues.

Information Session

An information session is being held Feb. 20 at noon in the Faculty Development Center. The session will feature a panel of these current and former fellows:

  • Aaron Aubuchon, Electronic & Photographic Media (Project: Using Video for Teaching and Learning)
  • Kit Jenkins, Communications & Journalism (Project: Creating International Experiences in the Classroom with Technology)
  • Quinn Shao, Math & Computer Science (Short-Term Study Abroad for Learning in the Discipline)

To RSVP for the information session, or for further details, contact Erik Palmore, Faculty Development Center director at palmoeri@webster.edu or at ext. 8648.

Strategic Teaching & Learning Issues

For 2015-16, the FDC encourages applications for fellowships that promote excellence in teaching and learning issues of strategic importance to the University.  This includes but is not limited to one of the following areas:

Teaching and Learning in Global Initiatives
Webster faculty members teach in programs that have unique global features, which present opportunities to advance teaching and learning excellence with and within practices that engage students with perspectives beyond the students’ home country, continent, and culture.  A fellowship in this area would explore global teaching and global learning opportunities within their program, particularly through innovative methods that make use of Webster’s global network.

Faculty-Student Partnerships
There is growing demand for more and diverse opportunities for students to learn alongside faculty members in the context of performing academic and scholarly responsibilities.  A fellowship in this area would explore the nature of faculty-student collaboration and the components of meaningful engagement in research, scholarship, and application of learning beyond the classroom.

Creating Experiential Learning Opportunities
All too often teaching practices are best suited to foster theoretical knowledge of course topics leaving us disadvantaged in teaching the important applied aspects of that knowledge.  Additionally, there is great transformative power in learning experiences that ask students to apply their learning in real and complex situations.  A fellowship in this area would explore how to best construct opportunities that allow students to “do” (within the classroom or beyond) and learn through reflection and further application of what they have learned.
We also welcome and encourage proposals beyond the suggested focus areas, and well-defined, creative, and innovative topics will be considered equally among proposals for the listed areas.

Complete details and submission guidelines are available at: http://www.webster.edu/faculty/fdc/faculty-engagement/fellows.html

Submitted by Erik Palmore, director, Faculty Development Center


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