Phishing/HR Scam Alert

| January 16, 2015

Intelligence received from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indicates that employees of colleges and universities across the country are receiving fraudulent emails indicating a change in their human resource status. The typical email contains a link directing the employee to log in to what appears to be their human resources website to identify this change.

The website provided appears very similar to the legitimate site in an effort to steal the employee’s credentials. Once the employee enters his/her login information at the fraudulent site, the scammer takes that information and signs into the employee’s human resources account to change the employee’s direct deposit information. This redirects the employee’s paycheck to the bank account to another individual involved in the scam. In addition to the redirection of the paycheck, the scammers will attempt to use the employee’s login information to access other accounts that belong to the employee.

Thus far there is no evidence that employees of Webster University have received these fraudulent emails. Webster University Human Resources and Information Technology do not send email to elicit employee’s login information. If you receive such an email, it should immediately be considered suspicious and you are directed to contact Rick Gerger, interim director of Public Safety, (314) 246-8708, so he can alert others including law enforcement.

In order to protect yourself from this kind of scam, never provide credentials of any sort in response to an e-mail. This includes clicking on links sent via e-mail. Always conduct your business through the official University website to include ADP.


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