In the News: Hellinger on Obama’s Cuba Move; Akande in Alive; Substation Project Featured

| December 23, 2014

Recent news media coverage involving Webster University community members includes:

Hellinger Op/Ed on Obama Restoring Relations with Cuba

Dan Hellinger, professor, History, Politics and International Relations in the College of Arts & Sciences, penned an op/ed published in today’s St. Louis Post Dispatch (Dec. 23, 2014). Hellinger, an expert on Latin American affairs, assessed President Barack Obama’s move to restore relations with Cuba and forecast what would be necessary for success.

Obama’s action lowers the barricade in an era when Latin America increasingly has asserted its diplomatic independence from the U.S.


Raúl Castro knows survival of the Revolution’s accomplishments requires political, not just economic, change.

If the U.S. insists on ratcheting up the pressure again, post-Castro Cuba will likely succumb to a smothering party bureaucracy and not embrace a more open, pluralist system. If we build on Obama’s initiative and work with Latin America, more young Cubans will chose to stay in Cuba, put their education to work, and demand are more open political system. If the hard-right critics in Congress find a way to reverse Obama’s initiative, the barricade will be rebuilt, and the fruit for both Cubans and Americans will be bitter.

Read the full column at stltoday.

Akande in Alive Magazine Q&A

Benjamin Akande, dean of the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology, was the subject of a rapid-fire interview with Alive Magazine about his roles in the community and his thoughts on leadership.

Read the full Q&A at

University Substation Project Featured in Engineering Blog

The University’s on-going substation project was featured in the structure and engineering blog for Baco Enterprises, noting the foresight and planning involved in rerouting power lines underground and taking several measures to building capacity for the future:

For example, instead of just having four conduits on Garden Avenue which is all the university needed, eight conduits are being installed and that will serve the university for up to 40 years or more. Also, the substation has an allocation for a second transformer, if and when needed in the future.

Read more in “University Needs New Substation.”

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