Webster China Grad’s D.C. Study Tour Shows Way to Economics PhD

| November 10, 2014
Webster China graduate

Tang (right) at her Webster graduation in 2008, with Nelly Zhang of Webster China

Two separate study tours to Washington, D.C., while completing Webster University’s Joint MBA Program with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) helped guide Stella Tang to a PhD in Economics and a role with a major private equity fund today.

Tang, who graduated from Webster through the Shanghai program in 2008, knew even during her Webster studies that a PhD in economics was a likely next step for her goals.

It took six years of planning and much study and research, but this year the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai awarded her with a PhD in economics. She now works with Advent International, a private equity fund in Shanghai, which has operations in the United States and Europe.

“I learned to manage myself, when attending the Webster MBA,” Tang said. “It was critical for me to manage time.”  During the Fudan PhD she was a full-time student, but managed her time well enough to work at a job while also intensely studying.

“My dissertation was on micro-finance companies,” Tang said. “I described the micro-finance market in China, examined the performance of micro-finance companies and pointed out challenges for them.”

Tang participated in the Webster Washington Study Group in two different years. Her first study visit was 2008, when the U.S. economy was in an historic, recessionary downturn. She went again in 2010. “I was extremely interested in the International Monetary Fund, where we had discussions both times,” she said. ” The Washington Study Tour helped me to understand the world economy much better, and consequently I chose majoring in World Economy in The School of Economics in Fudan.”

Fudan of Shanghai is one of the leading universities in China. SUFE is known as the number one university for accounting and has a formidable reputation for finance, banking and economics.  “To be chosen by either is a feat,” said Richard Foristel, director of Webster University China. “But finishing a dissertation, and graduating from Fudan with a PhD in economics is impressive in a world class way.”

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