Sexual Assault Prevention Training and Resources

| August 25, 2014

Universities are now required by new federal mandates to provide sexual assault prevention training for our students. A University task force selected a 30-minute online course entitled “Lasting Choices: Protecting Our Campus From Sexual Assault,” produced by United Educators, as the preferred training program for our most at-risk student populations.

Webster University students are encouraged to complete the online sexual assault awareness and prevention course, “Lasting Choices: Protecting our Campus from Sexual Assault,” before the end of the second week of classes. This is a 30-minute course.

Webster University promotes respect for all persons. All members of the University community are expected to act toward one another in a manner consistent with our values and mission. While the University does not condone any form of illegal sexual conduct, no one at the University should presume that the threat of sexual assault does not exist.

Students can learn the best ways to protect themselves, their friends, and their community by taking the on-line course “Lasting Choices: Protecting Our Campus From Sexual Assault.”

During this 30-minute course, students learn more about:

  • Ways to navigate and avoid risky situations
  • The meaning of consent—what it is and what it isn’t
  • The role of alcohol in sexual assaults
  • Strategies to keep themselves and their friends safe

Emails are being sent to the following groups of students during the first two weeks of this semester, providing instructions on how to access and complete this course:

  • All new freshmen and transfers
  • All residential students
  • All student athletes
  • All student employees
  • All students participating in a study abroad program
  • Students participating in the Global IR masters program

This information will also be posted in the Connections portal for students.

Training for Grad Students

Because the Lasting Choice online course is targeted to a traditional-age student population, Saint Rice, a doctoral student from Maryville University serving an internship in the Webster University Dean of Students office, is developing a customized online training program to offer to our graduate students, working adult undergrads, and online students.

Additional Resources: Advocates and Incident Reports

Gladys Smith, assistant director of counseling, serves as Webster University’s Sexual Offense Advocate. Any student who would like to talk with someone about any incidents involving sexual misconduct may contact Gladys during office hours at 1-800-981-9804 or 314-968-7030, or after hours at 314-422-4651.

If any other employee of Webster University learns of a sexual assault involving one of our students, the incident must be reported to one of our Title IX Coordinators. See:


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