Life in the Fast Lane: Business Student Team Ferrari Driver

| August 15, 2014
Pasin Lathouras is a business student at Webster University's campuses in Thailand and London. And he also drives for Team Ferrari on the track.

Pasin Lathouras is a business student at Webster University’s campuses in Thailand and London. And he also drives for Team Ferrari on the track.

It’s a classic combination: adolescent boys, cars and speed. Those three things just seem to go together no matter where in the world one looks (and not just in the auto-obsessed United States). That’s certainly the case for Thailand native and Webster student Pasin Lathouras, a business management major in the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology. Lathouras’ introduction to the world of motor sports began at age 12, when he attended a friend’s birthday party where the featured activity was driving go-karts. One spin around the track and he was hooked. Fast forward eight years and Lathouras, now 20, races GT3 road cars for Team Ferrari, achieving the title of Asia champion in 2013.

“It started more like a hobby,” Lathouras said. “On weekends, and pretty much every day during my summer breaks, I’d spend time with my dad going to the go-kart track. He never really had an opportunity to race, but he watched me and gave me tips on how to improve my driving.”

He caught on quickly. About a year after that birthday party, Lathouras began racing go-karts in local races in Thailand and throughout Asia. He soon became the Thai go-karting champion and was able to represent his country at world finals events as far away as Italy and Egypt.

That success gave Lathouras the opportunity to make the move to bigger cars, bigger tracks…and, naturally, a lot more speed. After starting with BMWs, he moved on to racing Ferrari road cars that are modified with spoilers to help them take corners faster and stripped-out interiors to reduce their weight.

As a business management major, Lathouras is preparing himself for another endeavor that’s close to his heart. In a few years, Lathouras will “take the wheel” of his family’s business, NaRaYa. Founded by his parents in 1989, the company has grown from an operation housed in a two-square-meter bazaar booth into a major manufacturer of fabric handbags and fabric-based accessories, with a total workforce of 4,000 employees.

Webster’s business classes also are helping Lathouras to successfully manage his professional auto racing career. “There definitely is a connection,” he said. “In racing you get income from your sponsors. My classes have helped me with developing presentations to potential sponsors and with determining pricing levels for different branding sites.”


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