Jan. 23: St. Louis Homeless Winter Outreach Discussion, Collection, MLK Day Service Opportunity

| January 21, 2014

Please join Holly Schroeder with St. Louis Winter Outreach on Thursday, Jan. 23, 7 p.m., in the University Center’s Sunnen Lounge for a discussion on homelessness and mental illness in St. Louis. Schroeder is in her second season of volunteering with St. Louis Winter Outreach, where her primary focus is street outreach. She will share her personal experiences as an outreach worker, working with the chronically homeless. She will discuss the general state of homelessness in Saint Louis, particularly as it relates to mental illness.

Collection Bins: Donate Items to Ward Off the Cold

There will also be a collection of items including blankets, socks, warm scarves, knit caps, and gloves for St. Louis Homeless Winter Outreach. The organization hits the streets on winter nights that the temperature drops to 20 degrees or below, in the hopes to keep those left out in the cold as warm and safe as possible.

Collection bins will be in the University Center, Library, and the Sam Priest Building (HPIR).

Note: If you have other cold weather clothing/coats, please donate to your local shelter. We have limited storage space and can only take the most critical one-size-fits-all items.

MLK Day Service Opportunity: Help Make Sandwiches and Snacks

The Multicultural Center & International Student Affairs at Webster University, in conjunction with the Webster University Institute for Human Rights and will be hosting an opportunity at noon on Thursday, Jan. 23 in Sunnen Lounge to make sandwiches and snack bags as part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.

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