Wellness Reimbursement Deadline is Dec. 13

| November 22, 2013

The deadline for the fourth quarter of the Employee Wellness Reimbursement Program is Friday, Dec. 13. Don’t wait to submit — apply today. You can send your receipts and participation anytime to wellness@webster.edu.

See more detailed information under the Events/Programs link on the Webster Wellness blog. Webster Wellness has paid more than $16,000 to employees for their personal and/or their family’s pursuit of wellness.

Webster Wellness introduced the Employee Reimbursement program in January to reimburse employees 50 percent of the cost of their memberships and/or events that occur each quarter in 2013, not to exceed $150 each quarter through the use of $30,000 in UnitedHealthcare Wellness Credits available only in 2013.

This program provides financial support to faculty and staff on wellness activities that they initiate for themselves and their families. Webster Wellness is pursuing future opportunities to continue this program, so watch for updates in the new year.

If you have any questions, contact wellness@webster.edu. These opportunities are brought to you by Webster Wellness to help you make positive life style changes and to help improve your overall health and well-being.


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