Global Leadership Academy 2014 Cohort Announced: ‘Dramatic, Energizing’ Experience to Follow

| October 31, 2013
Fellows of the 2012 and 2013 GLA cohorts gathered to celebrate the 2013 group.

Fellows of the 2012 and 2013 GLA cohorts gathered to celebrate the 2013 group.

Yesterday in Webster Today, several members of the 2013 cohort of Webster University’s Global Leadership Academy (GLA) shared thoughts on their transformational experience.

Today we share a few more as the Global Leadership Academy proudly announces the members of its 2014 cohort (see below).

What can these new Academy fellows expect?

“The GLA experience allows participants to explore leadership in the greater context of Webster University worldwide, while discovering and honing their own unique strengths,” says 2013 fellow Kim McGrath, assistant director, Office of Study Abroad. “It is immersive and energizing!  I learned more about my own leadership strengths, and fashioned new and improved ways to apply them. Two themes that emerged for me, over the three weeks of participating in the GLA, were that of control and process. I gained new insights into collaborative leadership, and what that means, and also developed a renewed admiration for process and transparency. ”

Fellows can also expect a challenge — to develop their strengths, rethink assumptions, and use it to grow as people and as leaders.

“I am more confident in my strengths now and aware of what I can personally contribute as a result of them,” said 2013 fellow Lori Sharp, assistant director, Global Internship Experience. “I recognize the value of learning-centered leadership and have a true appreciation of collaboration. I have grown over this past year.  I thought I knew so much about Webster already having held several different roles in my time here, yet within the first day of the GLA, I realized I have so much more to learn and so much more to contribute, and I am looking forward to both in the new role I have now taken on at Webster.

“The GLA challenged my thinking, my perspective, the way I approached situations, how I addressed my work… and I grew from that challenge. I made incredible connections and friendships and expanded my view of Webster and the many forms that leadership takes here. It was a tremendous experience. I will always be thankful for it. I look forward to continuing to be part of the GLA journey and am ready to continue to work together and assist in any way needed as the academy grows.“

Each year’s cohort includes staff and faculty, recognizing the importance of collaboration throughout the University.

“I am so grateful to have been chosen as a GLA fellow, it truly opened the world for me,” said Stephanie Schroeder, a 2013 fellow who is chair and associate professor of Biological Sciences. “My program is only located at the St Louis campus, and our students aren’t as able to travel abroad as other majors. I have a better understanding of the Webster community and how I fit in. It has helped me understand my own strengths and challenges as a leader, which I hope will make me a more effective leader in my department.”

The experience gives fellows a broader lens on higher education and a different insight into Webster’s position.

“I’m honored to work for an institution that values the voices of its stakeholders – faculty, staff, students, and community,” said Linda Dahlgren, Development officer. “Webster’s commitment to an engaged institutional culture is demonstrated by its investment in the GLA and other collaborative ventures. Through GLA I have begun to realize the enormity of the challenges facing this institution — and higher education in general — but I also have a renewed enthusiasm for the future because of the inclusive, global approach that Webster is taking to deal with these challenges.”

The Global Leadership Academy’s 2014 Cohort:

Introducing the Global Leadership Academy’s 2014 cohort. These Webster University community members were selected to ensure broad representation of the many roles and position levels throughout the university.

  • John Buck, Associate Dean of Students, Student Affairs
  • Abbott Chrisman, Adjunct Professor and Faculty Developer, Geneva Campus
  • Nick Daher, Adjunct Professor, George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology and  Academic Advisor, Orlando Campus
  • Ted Green, Department Chair and Associate Professor, Teacher Education, School of Education
  • Ekaterina Hill, Executive Assistant to the Dean, George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology
  • Carol Hodson, Professor, Department of Art, Design, and Art History,  Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts
  • Dominik Jansky, Communications Director, Global Marketing & Communications
  • DJ Kaiser, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Teaching English as a Second Language, CARE Department, School of Education
  • Brandon Krueger, Course Developer, Online Learning Center
  • Kelly Lyon, Director, Little Rock Area Campuses
  • Danielle MacCartney, Interim Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Margie Muthukumaru, Director, Enterprise Information Systems, Information Technology
  • Janice Neal, Director, Los Angeles Air Force Base
  • Edna Schick-Bodric, Academic Coordinator, Vienna Campus
  • Shelley Sawalich, Director, Academic Resource Center
  • Jade Venditte, Development Officer, Prospect Research and Analysis, Alumni & Development

Applicants received notice of their selection over the past week. They no doubt hope to enjoy similar benefits as the 2013 cohort:

“The GLA dramatically increased the tools I have available in my personal management/leadership toolbox,” said Rita Kosemund, director, Academic Resource and Planning, Academic Affairs. “I listen better now in the sense that we all tend to become a little isolated at times in our world where we think that no one else can possibly be experiencing anything similar to us.  From listening to this GLA group, I know that we do all share similar challenges and triumphs.”

“The GLA increased my confidence and gave me a safe space to explore my abilities to lead,” said Holly Hubenschmidt, Library department head, Instruction Liaison and Reference Services.

Curt Vehlewald, comptroller, said the experience opened his eyes. “The GLA helped expand my leadership capacity. By title we are all in leadership roles, we learned that leading is more than positional, and more importantly it needs to be organic in nature where people naturally want to follow because they believe in what you believe,” he said. “In our case it is Webster University. The GLA changed the way that I look at the University.  Now looking through multiple perspectives instead of just the financial lens. Thinking will change to be more strategic and systemic in order to tie in all departments/systems and how they interconnect.”


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