September 2013 Service Anniversaries

| October 6, 2013

The University extends its appreciation to the following individuals for their years of service:

5 Years

Brittany Aldridge, admissions representative, Admissions, Office of Admission
Ronald Branstetter, public safety officer, Public Safety Office
Ann Brophy, director, Student Health Services
Kazimierz Cisowski, computer technician, Space Coast Metropolitan Campus, Fla.
Li Fang, coordinator & adjunct faculty, Confucius Institute
William Houth, assistant director, Colorado Springs Metropolitan Campus, Colo.
Jennifer Hylton, representative, Management Department, GHWSBT
Amy Kettenbach, coordinator, Human Resources Office
Michelle Lynch, coordinator, Academic Affairs
Stephen Rich, financial analyst, Finance Department
Iishina Turner, representative, Great Lakes Naval Hospital, Ill.

10 Years

Sara Adams, coordinator, Space Coast Metropolitan Campus, Fla.
Sarah Hirsch, financial aid counselor, Financial Aid Office
Melanie Gottlieb, director, Admissions Operations, Office of Admission
Deborah McWilliams, online student engagement specialist, Online Learning Center
Nelson Saucedo, public safety supervisor, Public Safety Office
Karl Sterner, senior director, Academic Affairs
Thuy Witt, associate director, Admissions, Office of Admission
Bradley Wolaver, faculty development coordinator, Faculty Development Center

15 Years

Raymond Varmecky, applications specialist, Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Fla.

20 Years

Deborah Aholt, coordinator, Behavioral & Social Sciences, COAS

25 Years

Donna Biolchini, data reporting manager, Institutional Effectiveness
Jim Grogan, maintenance technician, Facilities Operations

30 Years

Lori Diefenbacher, coordinator, Experiential Learning; adjunct faculty, MAT Advisor, School of Education
Joan Finder, coordinator, Admissions, Office of Admission


Note: Employee anniversaries are noted in five-year intervals: five years, 10 years, 15 years, etc. If you have any questions about service anniversaries, contact Lisa Scott at in Human Resources.


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