Directors’ Summit Takes Hiatus for Smaller, Targeted Leadership Activities

| August 26, 2013

The Directors’ Summit, usually held in the fall at the home campus, will take a hiatus this year from its usual format in order to focus on smaller, more targeted activities directed to leadership and professional development of our extended campus colleagues.

An example of one development activity being instituted this year will be monthly training webinars aimed at important topics to assist our directors and their teams. Topics under consideration for this year are data management, budget and fiscal management, human resource management and conflict resolution, as well as resources for student success.

The next training webinar opportunity takes place Sept. 10-11, with a focus on advising on-ground and online students. Information will be sent directly to the campuses regarding this upcoming event as well as a calendar of scheduled webinar activities.

Directors’ Summit Task Force

Finally, a task force has been established to review the format of past meetings to make suggestions for the Directors’ Summit 2014. We are pleased to announce the members of the Directors’ Summit Task Force who will convene this Fall. They are:

Beth Russell – Office of Academic Affairs  (Chair)

Sean Coleman – National Capital Region

Tim Groza – Myrtle Beach, S.C. Campus

Nancy Higgins – Special Events

Bill Lynch – London Campus

Tom Nickolai – Academic Advising

Erik Palmore – Faculty Development Center

Wei Qiu – Online Learning Center

Tracy Santiago – Ocala, FL Campus

Shelley Sawalich – Academic Resource Center

Diane Schultz – Fort Bragg, N.C. Campus

Jean Paul van Marissing – Leiden Campus


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