Nominations for Employee Spotlight Award Now Open

| January 25, 2013
Employee Spotlight winners; Employees of the Month

Recent Employee Spotlight winners: top: Elvir Madzukic and Michelle Lynch, St. Louis; bottom: Sherriel Byrd Buckner, Fla., & Leo White, Colo.

The Employee Spotlight Award recognizes and rewards two staff members each month for their day-to-day contributions and outstanding service to Webster University.

Nominations are currently being accepted for the months of April, May and June 2013. The deadline to submit your nomination is Feb 15, so don’t delay. Take the time nominate a deserving co-worker today!

Please click here for the nomination form.

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What is the Employee Spotlight Award?

The Employee Spotlight Award recognizes staff members for going above and beyond their normal daily duties to assist a co-worker, another department, a student, or anyone else!

How does it work?

A notice will be published in Webster Today to announce that nominations are being accepted. A link is provided to access the Employee Spotlight Award Nomination form. You will need to get your nomination in by the deadline for consideration of the months specified. All nominations not selected as the Employee Spotlight winner and nominations received after the deadline will be considered for the next quarter.

I have submitted a nomination [many times] however; my nominee was never selected?

When reviewing the nominations received, a good story trumps a popularity contest. We are not looking for: Does a good job, comes to work on time, competent, professional, and completes assignments on time. All of these are what is expected of an employee. What we want is a great story of how this employee went out of there way [above and beyond] their position or duties to assist you, a co-worker, student, or anyone else! Take us into that moment; when you felt this employee went above and beyond for you!

What does the Employee Spotlight Award Winner receive?

They have a choice of two different prizes:

A day off with pay or a $100 Series EE Savings bond

Do you know someone that went above and beyond for you?

If you do, please nominate them for the Employee Spotlight Award. The only way this works is for you to be the eyes and ears for us. We are not able to be everywhere, so we depend upon you



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