GCP Keystone Seminar Topics: Review and Sign Up to Plan Courses

| December 14, 2012
Global Citizenship Breakout Session

The collaborative development of the Global Citizenship Program is moving to its next step: Planning keystone seminar courses, the requirements of which go into effect in 2014-15.

Following the input of more than 60 faculty and staff, 25 topics have been selected for development as Keystone Seminars. Keystone Seminars are interdisciplinary, integrative, problem-based capstone experiences  for BA and BS students in the Global Citizenship Program.

Among the topics selected are Placeless-ness, NGO Development, Sustainability on Campus, Blurring the Human/Machine Boundary and You Call That Art?

These Keystone Seminars will be developed by collaborative planning teams of full-time faculty, adjunct faculty and academic partner staff over the next year.  The Keystone Seminar requirement goes into effect during the 2014-15 academic year for BA and BS students.

Click here to review all Keystone Seminar topics [PDF] and choose which one(s) you would be interested in planning.

To sign up to join one of the course planning teams, contact Victoria McMullen at mcmullen@webster.edu.


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