New Community for Faculty Learning: Teaching Effective Communications Oct. 24

| October 10, 2012

The Faculty Development Center announces the formation of a new faculty learning community, Teaching Effective Communications. We invite all Webster faculty to join our first meeting, Wednesday, Oct. 24, 3 – 4:30 p.m., at the Faculty Development Center within Emerson Library, room 420.

The learning community will serve as a group of faculty from all disciplines who aspire to develop, improve, and share best practices related to the teaching of communication skills at Webster University. The group approaches communications comprehensively and engages at once with written, oral, and multimedia-based forms.

While we seek to improve our abilities to meet some of the goals set by Global Citizenship Program skill areas, we are not exclusively interested in the program’s approach. This community will serve as a resource for conversation, shared readings, and special events in order to support all faculty members interested in teaching and/or studying communication skills more effectively.

Those who wish to learn more about the learning community may contact Aaron AuBuchon, Gad Guterman or Erik Palmore.


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