Webster Grandmasters Shine in Istanbul Chess Olympiad

| September 10, 2012

Wesley So

The international chess world is taking notice of Webster University’s chess team.

Webster University freshman grandmaster Wesley So led the Filipino team to a bronze medal finish in category B at the 2012 Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey. His teammate and roommate, grandmaster Ray Robson, played a valuable role in helping team USA capture the silver medal in category A.

“Amazing results by our young grandmasters!” said Paul Truong, SPICE marketing director. “They competed against the world’s best professionals and they held their ground.”

Robson, a freshman, just missed the individual bronze by a hair on the reserve board, finishing sixth in the Olympiad as a reserve.

So and Mexico’s Manuel Leon Hoyos both played all 11 games for their countries on board 1, which means that they faced the toughest competition of the Olympiad. So scored 6.5/11 to finish sixteenth out of about 160 players on board 1. Manuel scored 8/11 to finish 21st. Sophomore Georg Meier also started out very well but took ill midway through the tournament, slowing his performance.

Their results:

  • Wesley So – 2652 Philippines 6.5/11 games – Performance rating 2710
  • Manuel Leon Hoyos – 2579 Mexico 8.0/11 games – Performance rating 2699
  • Georg Meier – 2648 Germany  3.5/8 games – Performance rating 2555
  • Ray Robson – 2598 United States 5.5/8 games – Performance rating 2621

Here is a link to photos from the Olympiad.

“There is an incredible buzz about Webster at the Istanbul Chess Olympiad,” said Truong, noting the great performance of so many Webster students against professional player. No doubt it piques the interest of more of the world’s brightest young minds to consider Webster.

On another great note, the organizer and sponsor of the World Chess Grand Slam Final (around a $1 million event Oct. 24-30) in Sao Paolo, Brazil, invited Susan Polgar to be a special guest from Webster University at the event.

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