CX (CARS) Upgrade, Stabilization Period Begins Sept. 17

| September 5, 2012

Beginning Sept. 17, Webster will institute a University-wide, System Stabilization Period as the first step to upgrade the Jenzabar CX (CARS) server hardware. This work, part of the ERP Selection Initiative, is required to replace aged infrastructure with current technology, in accordance with the overall Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan, and directly maps to the University’s global vision.

The upgrade, set to take place in October, requires significant changes to the underlying hardware technology. The Stabilization Period will ensure data integrity and help minimize system risk.

CX (CARS) will be available for regular business transactions, such as viewing screens and running/writing reporting with current fields, during the Stabilization Period, which will be in effect until the new servers are ready for general Production use during the first week of November. However, no changes to the application code will be allowed (i.e., adding fields to Impromptu or Cognos). Any requests to customize the system for error correction, compliance, or other mission-critical objectives will be required to adhere to a strict change control process requiring the express approval of the CIO and the PMO Governance team.

CX (CARS) service requests (work orders) that are pending are being reviewed and prioritized based on need, resource availability, and University return on investment. Service requests that cannot be completed before the Stabilization Period begins will be deferred and reviewed again after the Upgrade and the Stabilization Period have ended.

IT has developed a plan to keep the Webster community informed as the project progresses. Next week, a CX Upgrade web page will be launched, where viewers can learn about the project and see regular updates as IT works to complete this critical initiative for the University.

Submitted by Wm. Kenneth Freeman, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Information Technology


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