Snapshots: Global Citizenship Program Summer Collaboratory

| July 19, 2012
Global Citizenship Collaboratory 2012 - Webster University

Iannuzzi's keynote addressed the need for "a village" of collaboration to reinvent and sustain structures in undergraduate education.

This month members of the Webster University community are gathering in the East Academic Building to learn from experts about high-impact practices and integrative learning, and to collaborate with one another about the many opportunities the Global Citizenship Program offers for us to develop a signature program for Webster and our undergraduate students.

The three-day event July 18-20 mixes plenary presentations and workshops to focus on integrative learning and high-impact practices. Specific goals include advancing the development of the Global Keystone Seminars component of the GCP, making next steps in developing the curriculum, and planning for continuous improvement of the program.

Webster University - Global Citizenship Program Collaboratory

Breakout discussions at the 2012 Global Citizenship Program Summer Collaboratory. Pictured at center is Webster philosophy professor Bruce Umbaugh, who directs the GCP.

On Wednesday, July 18, things kicked off with a keynote address by Patricia Iannuzzi of UNLV: “It Takes A Village: creating sustainable structures to support undergraduate education.”

Other features Wednesday and Thursday include sessions on integrative learning through student video projects, exploring co-teaching, teaching with your mouth shut, and a preview of some integrative courses newly developed or revised for the GCP.

Attendees also receive brief updates on assessment and faculty development, as well as a view of things from some of our international colleagues.

Friday’s collaboration sessions, new this year, provide opportunities for participants from throughout Webster to identify shared goals and strategies for pursuing them.

Click here for a full schedule of sessions and presenters.

This is the second annual collaboratory. The 2011 event was attended by approximately 70 faculty and staff from departments across the home campus and from four international campuses. Participants learned both from external consultants and from our own experts.


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