In the News: Akande on Economy; van Marissing on Google Antitrust; Biz Journal on Polgar

| June 5, 2012
Webster University SPICE

Polgar's welcome to St. Louis left good impressions in local media.

Recent media coverage featuring Webster University includes:

* Last month’s figures show the U.S. economy saw its smallest increase in jobs in a year. Fox-2 News in St. Louis turned to Benjamin Akande, dean of the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology, to discuss. Watch the interview with Akande here.

* St. Louis Business Journal publisher Ellen Sherberg penned her impressions after seeing Webster’s Susan Polgar and SPICE chess institute welcomed to St. Louis. “You know how it is in St. Louis,” Sherberg writes. “We like champions so Webster wooed and won.”

* Last week Jean Paul van Marissing, director at Webster’s campus in Leiden, the Netherlands, was interviewed live on national Radio 1 about the European Commission antitrust investigation into Google, which has concluded that Google abused its dominant position and now must offer antitrust remedies. Google has to respond within a few weeks. Antitrust (or competition) policy is van Marissing’s field of expertise, and Webster was mentioned twice during the interview.

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