Conservatory Faculty on the Boards with “Othello”

| May 24, 2012


Conservatory of Theatre Arts professors Bruce Longworth, John Wylie and Rusty Wandall are working on Shakespeare Festival St. Louis’ production of “Othello.”

Longworth is director, Wylie is lighting designer and Wandall is sound designer on the production taking place nightly, except Tuesdays, May 25 – June 17, in Forest Park. Admission is free.

Click here to read Justin Blanchard’s interview in the May 23 Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch. Blanchard, who performs the part of Iago in the production, has high praise for Longworth.

In the article, Blanchard says of Longworth: “I think he’s the best Shakespeare director in the country. He’s thorough, he’s exact, he’s meticulous – I couldn’t enjoy it more. It’s a joy to come to rehearsal every day, and that’s not hyperbole. … He’s a great director, and I think we’re putting together something really special for the park this year.”

Wylie echoes Blanchard, “Bruce is the brains behind it all.”


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  1. Debra Carpenter says:

    Dear John, Rusty and Bruce:
    Congratulations on this significant recognition! It’s great when the outside world sees what we see every day–the high quality of your contributions.