Snapshots: Dennis Owsley Tribute Event

| March 21, 2012

Dennis Owsley accepts thanks from President Stroble on behalf of the University.

Kevin Gianino in action at Owsley tribute concert

Dennis Owsley, local radio host and master of Saint Louis jazz knowledge, was honored March 19 at a jazz concert for the gift of his lifetime collection of jazz recordings to the University. Owsley’s entire encyclopedic jazz collection, including recordings from nearly a century of recorded sound, is now housed at Emerson Library.

President Beth Stroble thanked Owsley for “the extraordinary gift of a lifetime collection of jazz recordings by one of Saint Louis’ most avid jazz fans.” Owsley spoke briefly, after which music faculty members Paul DeMarinis, Kim Portnoy and Steve Schenkel, with others, presented a musical tribute tracing Saint Louis jazz history.

For more information about the Owsley tribute concert, visit to The Journal.

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