Global M.A. Alum’s ‘Biking the Balkans’ Trip to Fund North Korean Bakeries

| March 12, 2012

Andrew Godlewski, a 2010 Global M.A. in I.R. graduate, right, and George Rhee, founder of Manna Mission (photo by Jared Mitchell)

Andrew Godlewski, Global M.A. in International Relations 2009, will be biking the Balkans this summer.

Biking the Balkans for bakeries, to be precise.

An English teacher at an elementary school outside of Seoul, South Korea, for the past two years, Godlewski couldn’t help but ponder the grim existence of neighboring North Koreans. Of particular concern to him was that North Korean children were malnourished and sometimes starving.

“After taking time to study the situation, I decided to take action and began planning a charity event to do whatever could be done,” Godlewski said. He and his girlfriend, Suzanne Heibel, also an English teacher in South Korea, settled on a charity cycling tour. “We always knew we wanted to pick a charity and to cycle for a cause we both felt strongly about,” Godlewkski said.


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