January 2012 Employees of the Month

| January 30, 2012

Michelle Loyet, assistant director, Academic Advising, and Sherriel Byrd-Buckner, coordinator, South Orlando Academic Center, Fla., share the Employee Spotlight honors for January 2012.

Michelle Loyet

Michelle Loyet was hired in 2007 to fill a newly created position in Academic Advising with the responsibility for overseeing graduate advising and online student advising. Before coming to Webster, Michelle had been director of operations for the College of Arts and Sciences at Washington University.

Michelle’s responsibilities include serving as the primary advisor for the online Master of Science in Finance Program, the Master of Science in Environmental Management, as well as the classroom Master of Arts in Marketing program and serving as liaison between advisors and students.

Among her many accomplishments for the Academic Advising office are the implementation of a workload management tracking system, which streamlined the advisement process. She also spearheaded an initiative to engage a team of experienced advisors from within the department and revised the Advising Center’s website content.

“Michelle’s commitment to reaching out to students immediately upon their entry, as well as her contributions to our entire campus system through initiatives such as the mentorship program, plagiarism prevention, new reinstatement process and website redesign are remarkable,” says her nominator.

“The fact that she has been able to accomplish so much in such a limited time frame has amazed our entire office. We are extremely grateful to her as a part of our team and are committed to continuing to work with her to achieve even greater success for our students.”

Those students also appreciate Michelle’s support and guidance. One of her favorite memories was the time a student she had helped through a difficult situation approached her at graduation. “As he came off the stage, I put my hand out to shake his and say ‘Congratulations.’ He looked at my hand and said, ‘Oh, no — we’re going to hug it out!’ and he hugged me and picked me off the ground.

“That was the moment when I realized how meaningful ‘just doing our job’ can be for our students.”

While proud of her accomplishments, Michelle says they would not have been possible without the support of a director who gives her the freedom to evaluate where needs for change exist and the support to address those needs. She also gives a lot of credit to the team of senior advisors with whom she works.

Michelle respects her colleagues’ “incredible level of competence and professionalism,” but says the relationships she has developed here are more than that. “They are true friends.”

In addition to her position with Academic Advising, Michelle, who completed a doctorate degree in anthropology in 2003 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, is also an adjunct professor in Webster’s Behavioral and Social Sciences department, teaching classes on human origins and cultural anthropology. In Fall 1, she will teach a class she developed, “Bioarchaeology and the Ethics of the Study of Human Remains.”

Michelle chose a day off with pay as her prize.


Sheriel Byrd-Buckner

During her 19 years with Webster, Sherriel Byrd-Buckner has worked in several positions, including financial aid VA advisor, before her recent promotion to student services coordinator for both Orlando sites.

“I have never encountered a student supervisor who was more willing to help and who empathizes with her subordinates more than Sheriell does,” says her nominator.

Sherriel’s colleagues appreciate the way she balances her diverse responsibilities, such as  supervising clean up and repairs following a recent flood at one of the campuses, while also planning and organizing Orlando’s annual graduation ceremony. “She handled each situation with professionalism and ease…and never let is see her sweat.”

Sherriel enjoys assisting students to reach their educational goals by providing them with information and assistance that makes their journey easier. She likes hearing them say their registration experience was easier than they expected.

Recently a student wrote to Sherriel’s director about how much she appreciated her assistance. They first met when the student signed up for a couple of classes as a non-degree seeking student. Because her experience with Sherriel was so positive, the student is now pursuing a graduate degree with Webster, and she wanted to let the director know her interactions with Sherriel had played a part in that decision.

“Even though my job is a small part of the big picture,” Sherriel says, “Receiving this acknowledgement and recognition lets me know that it makes a difference.”

Sherriel chose a day off with pay a her prize.




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  1. Christopher and Shandreka Jones says:

    We are so proud of you!!! Keep up the good work!!