Honors for Webster Communications Faculty, School of Ed

| November 7, 2011

The Webster University School of Communications and its faculty have several honors to boast about this week, which is Media Literacy Week for the Gateway Media Literacy Partners.

• As part of Media Literacy Week, Webster University receives the “Institution” award for its tremendous academic endeavors to bring media literacy education into both the School of Communication and the School of Education, together for more than a quarter of a century. Underscoring the importance of media literacy education for all communicators, no matter their communication specialty and no matter what education paths their education students pursue, Webster University has remained committed to scholarly reach locally, nationally and internationally, regarding media literacy education.  Webster University is also a founding institutional member of GMLP.

Professor Don Corrigan, right, shows off his publications with the Alton Telegraph's Dennis Grubaugh at the Internship Expo last month.

Also part of Media Literacy Week: Don Corrigan, professor of Communications and Journalism and editor of the Kirkwood-Webster Times/West End Word/South County Times, receives the “Media Professional” award for his continuing efforts to educate the public about the importance of media literacy, both in his media work and as a Webster University School of Communications  professor.

Corrigan has demonstrated his prowess as a thoughtful communicator, not only in his editor, columnist and education roles but as a prolific and thoughtful author, asking the right questions regarding media treatments of timely issues, especially as they relate to science and the environment.

• Separately, exciting news comes for Scott Jensen, communications professor and director of Speech and Debate, who was honored Saturday, Nov. 5, with the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Central Missouri forensic and debate program. Each year UCM honors a graduate with this award who has distinguished themselves in some important way. Scott is the executive xecretary for the Speech and Theatre Association of Missouri, the governor of Pi Kappa Delta’s (a national speech and debate honor  society) Heartland Province, tournament director for the national tournament and convention, past president of Pi Kappa Delta, past president of the Missouri Association of Forensics Activities.

Jensen was honored for these services and his 25+ years of teaching and forensic coaching, as well as his continued service to UCM as a guest tournament staff member for their annual forensic tournaments.

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  1. Didn’t see anything from the School of Education.  Did I miss something?

    • Dominik Jansky says:

      Recognition for the School of Communications and the School of Education was included in the “institution” award.