Rwandan Study Tour Leaves Permanent Impression on Webster Students, Faculty

| June 29, 2011

A rewarding “emotional roller coaster.”

Six Webster University human rights students and four faculty members who recently returned from a study tour in Rwanda minced no words about their trip: It was like being on an emotional roller coaster.

The African country’s breathtaking tropical beauty, its friendly people, and its wondrous culture made for pleasant, uplifting memories.  On the down side, however, were Rwanda’s extreme poverty and the country’s haunting reminders of its 1994 genocide, which left 800,000 dead.

The students (Simone Borisov, Tyler Holman, Amy Laxton, Justin Raymundo, Zachary Treadway, and Jeff Wilhite) were participants in a hybrid course, HRTS 3080 Advanced Topics in Human Rights: Connecting across Culture—Rwanda, which combined  six weeks of online study and a two-week tour of the small, landlocked African country.  The course instructors, Professors Elizabeth Sausele and Sarita Cargas accompanied them, as did two other human rights professors, Lindsey Kingston and Andrea Miller. John Munyarugamba, a genocide survivor and Webster alumnus (B.A. in Political Science, 2010), served as the group’s translator.

Read the full story at Global Thinking, the blog of Webster University’s College of Arts & Sciences.

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