WebsterWarmth Update

| December 20, 2010

From Holly Hubenschmidt, head of Instruction & Liaison Services, Library:

WebsterWarmth is a group of Webster faculty, staff, students and friends that craft for a purpose. This year’s project is Marine Corps Kids, a group that sends care packages to families welcoming a new child when a parent is deployed in the military.

Today I shipped off 80 hats, 22 blankets and quilts, 1 bib, 1 sweater, 1 dress, 1 pair of  socks, and 5 scarves – four large boxes of handmade items and good will – to the collection center on behalf of Webster University and WebsterWarmth.

Thanks to everyone in the Webster University Community (and your contributing friends and families)!

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  1. Teri Portman says:

    Thank you Holly for coordinating the collection and mailing of these items. I’m glad that so many contributed and look forward to the next project.