April 2010 Employee Spotlight

| September 15, 2010

April 2010 Employee Spotlight

Debra Sullivan, accounting assistant, Bursar/Cashier, Business Office, and Beatrice Von Mach-Piller, career counselor, Career Services, Geneva Campus, share the Employee Spotlight honors for April 2010.

Debra Sullivan

Colleagues in the Business Office depend on Debra Sullivan‘s expertise and pleasant personality. “Her dependability as a liaison to other departments helps us meet students’ needs in a timely and positive manner,” says her nominator.

“Deb’s demeanor is very approachable and her knowledge base regarding the practices of her office is impressive,” the nominator says. “She makes other peoples’ jobs more manageable and her personality makes working with her very enjoyable.”

Most faculty and staff members at the St. Louis campus became familiar with Sullivan’s friendly, helpful manner when she worked at the cashier’s window the three years prior to her current position.

Sullivan enjoys assisting students and her colleagues throughout the University. Before coming to Webster, she worked in the food industry for a number of years and she says she still appreciates having weekends off.

Sullivan chose a day off with pay as her prize.

Beatrice Von Mach-Piller was instrumental in initiating the registration of the term “ANSCo Counselor” with the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property in Berne, Switzerland. Trademarking was a first step in legitimizing the term and determining national standards for the counseling profession according to the Swiss National Association of Counseling (ANSCo).

Beatrice Von Mach-Piller

“While counseling has been a recognized helping profession in the U.S. for nearly 50 years, the process of such recognition here in Europe is in its infancy,” says Mac-Piller’s nominator.

“In achieving the trademark, Beatrice has contributed to Webster Geneva’s dedication to establishing, developing and upholding high standards in the field of counseling in continental Europe and the pursuit of formal recognition of these goals in Switzerland.”

Mach-Piller has been a career counselor with Webster’s Geneva campus for more than three years. She enjoys being involved in strategic issues that concern her office as well as working on implementing new ideas that can benefit the University and the student body.

She especially enjoys her day-today contact with students. “What is meaningful to me is to see how students can be encouraged and how quickly they can grow and gain self confidence,” says Mach-Piller.

“My nicest on-the-job experience is seeing students smile when they leave the office and noting they are more positive and hopeful than when they came in,” she says. “Doing my job is a privilege.”

Mach-Piller chose a day off with pay as her prize.

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  1. Wonderful seeing your well-deserved place in the ‘spotlight’ Beatrice! Congratulations…..

  2. Christina Shelton says:

    Congratulations ladies!

    It’s true, it’s a pleasure working with you Deb and I hope you have a very relaxing day off!