Registrar’s Office Back Home

| July 30, 2010

Registrar’s Office Back Home

Assistant registrar Dawn McCracken back in ground floor office.

After more than a month in temporary locations — as a result of the June 3 flooding of Loretto Hall’s ground floor — the Registrar’s office staff have moved back into their newly cleaned and slightly modified former headquarters.

Modifications include moving the file room across the hall from its former location and moving two employees, from the location that now houses the file room, into the main office area. There is now a separate entry for students seeking transcripts, which will keep the main office entry less congested.

Department assistant Jane Gulder settles into new area for transcript requests.

The department has taken care to store valued documents above bottom file drawer height. “We’ve replaced 4-drawer file cabinets with 5-drawer cabinets,” says Don Morris, University Registrar. “We’ve weighed down the bottom drawers with paper, etc., so the cabinets won’t tip over, and we’re keeping important materials in the upper drawers.”

Department associate Colisha Johnson in refurbished space.

Morris is proud of the way his staff handled themselves during the crisis. “Everybody took it in stride and kept an upbeat attitude.”

“I would like to thank Information Technology, David Stone and his team, as well as Dan Hitchell and Jim Ward for the great job they did helping us get relocated to the third floor and back again,” Morris adds.

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