May 2010 Service Anniversaries

| May 18, 2010

The University extends its appreciation to the following individuals:

Cynthia Platt, representative, Scott Air Force Base, Ill., 5 years

Suzanne Hutcherson, community relations coordinator, Scott Air Force Base, Ill., 10 years

Edward Malone, general maintenance technician, Facilities Operations, 10 years

Debra Sullivan, account assistant, Bursar/Cashier Office, 10 years

Deborah West, public safety specialist, Public Safety Office, 10 years

Ada Wright, coordinator, Kansas City Metropolitan Campus, Kans., 10 years

Samuel Cooper, director, Greenville Metropolitan Campus, S.C., 15 years

Dean Grossman, representative, Charleston Air Force Base, S.C., 20 years

Christine Heilman, director, McConnell Air Force Base, Kans., 25 years

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