January 2010 Employee Spotlight

| May 18, 2010

Saa Meier, department associate, Finance, and Tiffany Noe, representative, Colorado Springs Metropolitan Campus, Colo., share the Employee Spotlight honors for January.

Saa Meier

Saa Meier has been with Webster five years: three with the Finance Department and prior to that, two years at Webster’s Thailand campus.

Meier’s nominator says she is an exceptional co-worker and team player. Colleagues value her willingness to assist during periods of high activity and her facility for getting problems resolved as quickly as possible.

“Saa is always thinking about others — from how she can make the department run more smoothly — to how she can help her fellow workers,” says a nominator.

“Her smiling face, positive attitude, wonderful work ethic and ability to anticipate our needs before we ask have made Saa an extremely valuable part of our team,” says another.

Meier says Webster has the unique environment that feels like the best fit for her. “I love working with a variety of individuals and feel very connected to the University community.”

“Winning the Employee Spotlight Award is such an honor,” she says. “I’m so grateful to know that the individuals I have helped appreciate my assistance.”

Meier chose a day off with pay as her prize.

Tiffany Noe has been with the Colorado Springs campus a little over a year, first as department associate and now as site manager. According to her nominator, Noe’s great attitude toward students and faculty was apparent right from the start.

Tiffany Noe

Soon after Noe began working at the campus, the position of site manager opened up. Due to her exceptional performance as department associate, Noe was hired for the opening and then took on the challenge of learning a new position while interviewing and training a replacement for her former one.

While carrying that large workload, Noe “managed to keep her terrific view on life and provide students and faculty with support and a smile.”

Her organizational abilities in managing events, including graduation and the campus’s Webster Works Worldwide project, as well as her help in establishing a recycling program, have made Noe an invaluable member of the Colorado Springs team.

“Tiffany is an eager and amazing person with an exceptional work ethic,” her nominator says. “We are very lucky to have her.”

Noe says her favorite part of the day is when the student arrive for class as she genuinely enjoys talking with them and helping them out.

She remembers how difficult it was when the office was short staffed and says the job was made easier because of the confidence placed in her by students, faculty and co-workers.

Noe chose a day off with pay as her prize.

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