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Javier Cardenas

Position sought: President

Status: Sophomore

College or School: College of Arts and Sciences

Major: Political Science



Intent to run: I am running for President of Student Government because I believe that the students of this institution need a leader to advocate for them. Ive held office here at Webster as the Senator of Arts and Sciences, as Senator I worked in various committees listening to students and their ideas. During my high school career I was also Senior Class President, Vice President of the Green Club, School Mascot and group leader for a charity which worked with an orphanage for poor children, as well as group leader for Nicaragua’s lead charity for children with terminal cancer. All these positions have helped me open my mind to new ideas. I have great leadership skills, always trying to reach consensus and moving forward to accomplish things and get things done for the students.

Statement of goals: My main goal when I get elected would be to move SGA from being just a bank for students and student organizations to being an advocate for students towards administration and faculty. I believe it is necessary for school leaders to advocate for the student body, more than just once or twice a year. We have to fight for the best interests of the students and what benefits them the most. Advocacy would be key in my administration and struggling for whats best for students would be my overall goal.

Michael Grosch

Position sought: President

Status: Senior

College or School: College of Arts and Sciences

Major: International Relations and Speech Communications


Intent to run: I am running for reelection as President of SGA. When I began as a Senator At-Large, I observed that we acted more like a student bank than a student government. Financing student organizations is an essential and meaningful responsibility we fulfill, but student advocacy is the foundation and lifeblood of student government. I promised follow through and in my first year, we have laid the groundwork for the transformation of SGA.

In my first semester, my team and I focused on internal changes such as redefining executive roles, logo redesign and a marketing campaign to reconnect with the student body. Currently, we are moving forward with a monthly newsletter, press releases and a process for passing resolutions on behalf of the student body.

Most importantly, we have advocated for you. The new Delegate’s Agenda Committee is busy tackling the unfinished business of presentations past. Our two ad-hoc committees – financial aid and course scheduling – have brought the administration’s attention to solving your problems.

Under my leadership, we will continue to transform ourselves into the government you deserve. To enact lasting change requires experience and dedication. Vote for me and my team and I promise you we will be unstoppable.

Statement of goals: If reelected, I will finish what I started. We all agree SGA needs to be more than a bank. The solution to this problem has already begun. My team and I will work tirelessly to solve student problems while still practicing strong fiscal responsibility. Specifically, we will continue our progress on financial aid and course scheduling. We will also focus heavily on promoting diversity and working with Webster Groves to improve campus safety. Vote for me and I will establish an unstoppable SGA you deserve.


Vice President

Name: Katie Maxwell

Position sought: Vice President

Status: Junior

College or school: College of Arts and Sciences

Major: Sociology


Intent to run: I’m running for Vice President of SGA. During my two years on SGA, I’ve served as Senator for the College of Fine Arts, Secretary, and currently as Student Organization Liaison. My time as Secretary showed me the importance of individual accountability, but it’s our work this year that has shown me what SGA is truly capable of. I’ve never seen cohesion like we have this year. SGA is finally moving away from being a “student bank”. This semester, we have laid the ground work for refocusing on student advocacy and are finally in a place to be able to be true advocates. SGA is in a transitional period. There’s so much work that is in progress that can’t afford to be placed on hold. Our team can get SGA where it needs to be to better serve you. If you vote for me and the rest of our team, we will be unstoppable.

Statement of goals: I will work tirelessly to finish what we’ve started. Student Advocacy will be our top priority as we continue to move away from being a “student bank”. We will maintain to regulate our financial committees and make them more efficient, but we are here to represent students. We will continue work that’s come out of the Delegate’s Agenda Committee such as diversity and class cancellation. I will work to tackle issues found within the hidden student profile and issues involving all aspects of diversity. Vote for me and our team and we will empower students and make SGA unstoppable.

Sergeant at Arms

Name: Chris Hawk

Position sought: Sergeant at Arms

Status: Junior

College or School: College of Arts and Sciences

Major: Political Science



Intent to run: I intend to help lead SGA towards greater student advocacy. That is why I am running for Sergeant at Arms again. My time in office has shown me that it often takes about two months to get comfortable in a new position. To me, that is a waste of time. I am prepared today to continue my position.To help drive SGA towards greater commitment to all students. SGA has made a lot of progress this semester. But more is yet to come.

Statement of goals: My goals are divided into internal and external goals. As the Sergeant at Arms is largely a procedural position. But as a student advocate, I am here to work for you as well. Internally, I will continue to push SGA meetings in a more professional, and lively manner. Externally, I shall continue my work as chairman of the Financial Aid Committee, to safeguard the money that is crucial to so many of our students continued education.


Name: Nicole Griffin

Position sought: Secretary

Status: Freshman

College or School: School of Education

Major: Mathematics and Secondary Education


Intent to run: I am running for Secretary of SGA. What is a secretary? A secretary is a highly organized person who keeps records, schedules appointments and helps the office or organization run smoothly. In SGA, the secretary is also in charge of attendance and accountability, ensuring each representative fulfills their duties, and chairing the Constitution Committee. In my current position as Senator of the School of Education, I have made revisions to the constitution, created a good working relationship with my school’s dean, and represented student interests on various committees. SGA has made progress this semester in transforming from a student bank to student advocacy. During this transformation, SGA needs a team that communicates, works well with administrators and stays on track. That team needs a committed, passionate, and efficient Secretary. Who has two thumbs, highlighters, and a color-coded agenda and is the best choice for Secretary? Th is girl. Vote for me and vote for our team. We will never stop working for you. We will be unstoppable.

Statement of goals: Student government is your voice, but many students don’t know how to connect with SGA. Our team is committed to reconnecting with the student body. As Secretary, I will create an online calendar listing the activities of every SGA representative. This will include meetings with their dean, committee meetings and office hours. With this information, students will be able to access their representatives more than ever before. I also commit to ensuring the SGA office will be staffed from 10am-5pm for walk-ins. We are here to work for you. We never stop.

Student Organization Liaison

Name: Alexander Bonney

Position sought: Student Organization Liaison

Status: Freshman

College or School: School of Communications

Major: Interactive Digital Media


Intent to run: I am running for Student Organization Liaison. With my short time here at Webster, I have become involved with several student organizations. With my beginnings in RHA, I developed an appreciation for serving the student body. This experience inspired me to both run for the position of Senator of Communications and present at the Spring 2013 Delegate’s Agenda. The interpersonal communication and public speaking skills I developed through these pursuits will serve me well as Student Organization Liaison. Aside from student advocacy organizations, I am involved in Webster’s Video Game Club, Game Development Club, and the Webster Students for Environmental Sustainability. These organizations have allowed me to grow as an individual outside of my curricular activities, and I believe that the plethora of exceptional student organizations here at Webster is part of the core of Webster University’s community, making it a home for any s tudent regardless of their background or interests. This enthusiasm for student organizations made Student Organization Liaison appeal to me for my continued involvement with SGA. I intend to run alongside others who I believe will be an asset to the executive board, as I believe that a strong, cohesive unit is essential for progress in SGA.

Statement of goals: As Student Organization Liaison, my primary goal will be to foster communication and build relationships between SGA and student organizations, and to do the same among the student organizations themselves. As a liaison, I will work towards advocating concerns and ideas brought forward by, or relating to, student organizations. I believe that the entire student body will benefit from relationship building between student organizations, as evident by the many exceptional co-programmed events seen this Spring. But to do this, better communication must be opened up among those groups, and promoting this communication will be first priority as Student Organization Liaison.

Senator, LGCFA

Name: Ben Lipinski

Position sought: Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts Senator

Status: Freshman

College or School: Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts

Major: Scenic Design


Intent to run: I’m running for LGCFA Senator because I love student and arts advocacy. In addition I see imperfections in Webster from the eyes of students. I think it is part of my personal imperative to strive for a more perfect place of learning.

Statement of goals:

I want to build efficacy and transparency in the University.

I want to advocate for artist on campus and facilitate their development of skills and process.

I want to advocate art events for all students of Webster to experience and interstate creativity into their lives.

I want push against complacency. I want to see change and improvement. I want programming pool to be used to not only facilitate but improve events on campus. I want to listen to and fix problems of students, and I want Webster to be better.

Senator, CA&S

Name: Jacob Walker

Position sought: College of Arts & Sciences Senator

Status: Junior

College or School: College of Arts and Sciences

Major: Political Science


Intent to run: As a senator in my previous term, I have worked to reform Student Government and revise the constitution to better serve and represent students. I have also worked to ensure funds are spent properly through questioning on the Programming Pool and General Body meetings in SGA.

Statement of Goals: I would like to continue with my constitutional amendment that explains a process for resolutions. In my next term, I would like to help with the implementation of the new process and provide guidance to students and SGA members seeking to bring problems to the SGA general body.

Senator, CA&S

Name: Syreel Mishra

Position sought: College of Arts & Sciences Senator

Status: Junior

College or School: College of Arts & Sciences

Major: International Relations



Intent to run: I am Syreel Mishra, running for Senator of College of Arts and Sciences in Student Government Association. I am here only because I feel that I can do my bit by being a part of SGA. I am, presently, the At-Large Senator where I have worked for better connections and adjustment for international students. I would like to continue my role in SGA as a student advocate. My intention of running is to be a part of this phenomenal organization that is so influential and structured in Webster University. Being a Senator will help me in my future career at Webster. It will help me in my mission to be a leader and a global citizen. My intention is to use my values and experience to my benefit and the benefit of Webster University, through SGA. I want a platform where I can portray my leadership skills and experience so I can facilitate change. A person who doesn’t feel the thrill of challenge is not a potential leader. Having faced challenges on a daily basis, like adjusting to a whole different environment or a challenge to interact with people with different personalities, makes me a better and skilled leader.

Statement of goals: My goal is to be a better leader. I have qualities like sincerity, humility, discipline, and courage that will help me to achieve the smaller goals which are the building blocks of the major goal. Being an At-Large Senator gave me experience of how things work in SGA. During my term, I worked for improving connections to international students and helped them with adjustment. I want to be the voice of the student community at Webster University. The student community is diverse and their voices need to be heard and my goal will be to bring those voices forward.

Graduate Senator

Name: Lukumanu Sodamade

Position sought: Graduate Senator

Status: Graduate Student

College or School: The George Herbert Walker School of Business

Major: Master in Business Administration


Intent to run: As a Graduate Senator, I will be bringing years of experience into the position. In my Senior of College, I held the position of President of Phi Mu Alpha and a Student Representative for the University Review Committee at Southeast Missouri State University-Cape Girardeau. I have held numerous leadership positions through out my undergraduate degree. I understand how student government operates and would love to use my experience in making a difference at Webster University.

Statement of goals: As a Graduate Senator, I would like to make sure that the needs of Graduate students are heard. I want to influence Graduate students to be actively involved in Webster University campus life. Many Graduate students are already heavily involved in their careers, but making a difference at Webster University Campus should also be a part of every student responsibility.