Staff Spotlight: Marcie Schumert

On November 29, 2017, in Career Insight, Staff Profile, by Walker News

Marcie Schumert, Asst. Director Career Development

Marcie Schumert is Assistant Director for Career Development in the Webster University Career Planning & Development Center. Marcie works closely with all Walker School students, providing guidance and advice related to career management, job search techniques, interview skills and more. She is available to meet via appointment or during her drop-in hours in the EAB Edward Jones Commons on Wednesdays from 12:00 to 2:00 pm.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: The hobby I spend the most time on is running. I enjoy training for and running races ranging from 5k’s to marathons. I just completed the Chicago Marathon in October! The thing I like most about running is that I get out what I put in – the better I train, the better I race!

Q: What would you tell a student who doesn’t know what they should do after college?

A: I encourage students who are unsure about the future to take small actions to make connections and gain experience. For example: conduct an informational interview with someone working in a field of interest, attend a career/internship fair to meet new employers and learn about opportunities, learn something new through a Webster course or a tutorial, or take career assessments through the Career Planning & Development Center to receive some objective information on possibilities.

Q: What key advice to you give students before an interview?

A:Know your audience. In other words, do your research on the employer and reflect on how your knowledge and experiences align with their needs. Resources like the company website, certain Library databases, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor are useful to learn about the company’s products/services, strengths, opportunities, and approach to interviewing. When you understand your audience, you can more confidently offer clear examples of how you will contribute your knowledge and skills. Plus, the research will help you develop questions you want to ask the interviewer, which is essential to demonstrate your curiosity and interest.

Q: Anything else about you that is interesting?

A: Practice interviews with students are my favorite type of appointment! Practice interviews offer students a chance to run through a mock interview and develop interviewing skills. Yes, they can be nerve-wracking; however, they’re great learning experiences. What I love about practice interviews is the opportunity to hear our students’ stories and learn about their experiences in more depth. Every student’s path is unique and a practice interview just might be the step that helps the student obtain an internship or job offer to take that path further or in a new direction.