Student Spotlight: Dipti Pathre

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Dipti with Dean Simone Cummings and fellow members of Viva the Yoga.

“My parents always say that unless you step out of your comfort zone and try new things, you will not realize what limits you can conquer, but make sure you always remain grounded so that you can think rationally in any given situation. Your attitude always defines your altitude.” – Dipti Pathre.


Dipti Pathre is excited to walk across the graduation stage to receive a diploma in Masters in Forensic Accounting this May. To get to this point, she traveled across the world to pursue a degree that would allow her to follow her passion. Dipti has worked hard, shown leadership, and contributed to so many students’ experiences at Webster. The Walker School is proud to share her story in this Student Spotlight.

In India, Dipti’s career ambitions led her to approach the National Defense Academy to join the Indian Air Force in aeronautics. While the Academy was impressed, she was turned away due to her inability to meet the education requirements. Dipti used this minor setback as motivation to always use education as an asset to propel her to achieve her goals.

After earning a professional certification in Chartered Accountancy (CA) from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India along with an undergraduate degree from the University of Mumbai, Dipti felt she was far better situated to apply for a challenging job. Dipti applied her education to a four-year internship with Ketan C Kothari & Co. Accounting Firm. While working at the firm, Dipti learned about various industries such as banking, manufacturing, retail, and banking depository services.  She enjoyed what she was doing, but was still in search of her calling. In her next job at RSM Astute Consulting Services Limited, Dipti was placed on an internal audit project that allowed her to trace red flags missed by Human Resources. The project was a pivotal point in her career, as she finally found her passion for fraud investigation.

Dipti expanded her skills working on fraud investigations at Axis Risk Consulting Services Private Limited – A Genpact Co.  This experience inspired her to go back to school. Because India did not offer the type of degree that she desired, she was led to Webster University, the only school in the United States that offers a MS Degree entirely in Forensic Accounting. She made the decision to move across the world, and start a new journey at the Walker School. The move also had an incentive, she would be closer to her brother, who was already living in the United States.

Dipti celebrating with friends in a traditional India sari.

The move to a new country, in conjunction with starting school again, was a very stressful experience that she remembers clearly. In her traditional fashion, she did not allow her nerves to prevent her from getting involved and making the most of her time at Webster University. Dipti excelled at finding ways to improve the student experience. Her list of commitments at Webster is expansive and includes: member of the Indian Student Association and Webster Wellness Committee, treasurer of Webster Table Tennis, co- chair of the Delegates’ Agenda Committee, International Connection Leader, Graduate Senator for the Student Government Association, and volunteer with the Webster Alumni Association. In addition, Dipti started her own club, Viva the Yoga and co-founded the Graduate Student Association alongside alumna Dina Sallam’17.  She also works as a student building manager of the University Center and an office assistant at the Academic Resource Center.

Dipti with Dr. Beth Stroble, President of Webster University

Dipti’s outstanding contributions to the university and its students was formally recognized in the fall of 2017 when she received the Dean of Students Service Award for Leadership. Dipti too has benefited from her involvement, and reflects on the lessons learned: “It has been an amazing experience at Webster, I’ve connected with many people and got to understand cultural sensitivities. I thought the culture of India would be different, but there are a lot of similarities which is fascinating. We are all the same, it’s just the languages that are different.”

Dipti accepts her Association of Certified Fraud Examiners scholarship award from Professor Rich Dippel.

Dipti has earned distinction as a well-rounded student, with noteworthy academic achievements in addition to her student leadership. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners sponsored a competitive scholarship for Forensic Accounting Students. Dipti’s credentials made her the clear choice to receive the scholarship. Rich Dippel, her professor, awarded her the scholarship at a Walker School event earlier this year. He said, “Dipti has always been a great student, academically excelling at any project, assignment or goal she takes on.” Dipti plans to use the scholarship to help complete her examinations to become a Certified Fraud Examiner.

With almost 8 years of work experience and a Forensic Accounting degree under her belt, Dipti’s dream of becoming a Certified Fraud Investigator is closer than ever. While the job market is open, she anticipates difficulties with immigration, or relocating to places like Washington DC or New York. However, she is determined to achieve her goals.

Based on her own experiences, Dipti offers advice to other international students:  “I noticed that if you come here from another country, if you are willing to learn something new, just be opened minded and try to understand the cultural differences that we have. Some things we misunderstand, and ego issues comes up. Try to be yourself and make sure that your intention is not to harm something. Be yourself and enjoy the experience of coming to a foreign country and studying new things.”

She also offered her thanks: “I would like to thank my family, friends and work buddies around the globe to make Webster a memorable experience to cherish for lifetime!”