Better Than One: Two Associate Deans For The College

Dan & Jenny 2 (smaller size)

Dani MacCartney and Jenny Broeder look forward to working together to continue building upon the educational foundation of the College of Arts & Sciences.

With the 2013-2014 academic year well underway, the changes to the Associate Dean’s position in the College of Arts & Sciences office are making a positive difference for everyone.

For the first time, there are two Associate Deans in an effort to provide better oversight and direction to specific areas of the College. The two new interim Associate Deans are Jenny Broeder and Danielle “Dani” MacCartney.

“We are fortunate to have two very different but equally important components within the College of Arts & Sciences,” said David Carl Wilson, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. “Defining them as two divisions, each having an associate dean with relevant academic expertise, allows us to greatly boost quality.”

Dani MacCartney

Broeder is responsible for the Division of Professional Programs, overseeing Counseling, Legal Studies, Nursing, and Nurse Anesthesia, which involve five different specialized accreditors and 25 locations.

MacCartney will now have oversight of the College’s Division of Liberal Arts & Sciences. This includes: Biological Sciences; Behavioral and Social Sciences; English; History, Politics, and International Relations; the Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies; International Languages and Cultures; Philosophy; and Religious Studies. These departments also have nearly 30 degree programs with 12 different locations and over 40 full-time faculty.

Broeder and MacCartney both believe the students will reap the benefits of having increased departmental attention and support for the faculty, who in return, will then be able to offer more resources for their students.

Jenny Broeder

In addition to hiring new faculty members, Broeder has a number of other goals for the Professional Programs, which include securing national accreditation for the Professional Counseling department and maintaining existing accreditation for the Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia, and Legal Studies departments.

MacCartney’s top priority is to work closely with the faculty to accomplish their goals and to help achieve the College’s long-term vision for its students and programs.

“It is important to me to be an advocate for the faculty so that their voice is heard and the College is able to provide them with the tools needed to ensure the quality of instruction that students are receiving,” said MacCartney.  “I am excited about working closely with Jenny because I admire the work she has done here at Webster and I look forward to being able to collaborate with her for the betterment of the College.”

While Broeder and MacCartney have their own respective areas of expertise, both Associate Deans have found each other to be a great resource of information and support in developing plans for the College.

“We’re already off to a really good start. Both coming in at the start of the year, we are learning our positions together and we bounce most everything off each other right now. We are both matching each other with support,” Broeder said.  “Dani sees that I am able to bring University experience; and her energy and excitement for different disciplines is really helpful too. So right now it’s a really nice collaboration, mirroring and balancing each other.”

Broeder came to Webster as an adjunct professor with the Nursing Department in 1995. She has served as the MSN Program Coordinator and most recently as Nursing Department Chair.  MacCartney is an Associate Professor of Sociology, former Chair of the Women and Gender Studies program, and fellow of the Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies.

“Early in my deanship I had the privilege of appointing both Jenny and Dani as assistant professors, and I have taken great pride in seeing them come up through the ranks and gain the respect of their colleagues,” Wilson said. “Their intelligence and leadership skills will serve us all – and are already challenging me to improve.”