Advisory Board’s Dr. Sherman Silber Shares Infertility Techniques in China

Dr. Silber and Chinese medical colleagues

Sherman Silber, M.D., a member of the College of Arts & Sciences Advisory Board and a renowned pioneer in microsurgery and infertility, recently traveled to Guagzhou, China, on the invitation of Chinese medical experts. While in China, he shared his techniques for ovary freezing and transplantation, and led a team of surgeons in performing that country’s first ovarian tissue transplant.

This innovative technology is primarily used to preserve fertility for cancer patients.  The treatment method also provides options for women who want to preserve their fertility in order to put off childbearing until later in life.

During his China trip, Silber also received an honorary degree and full professor faculty position at the prestigious Sun Yat-sen University Medical School.

Read the newspaper article (in English) that appeared in the Nanfang Metropolis Daily.

Silber is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on vasectomy reversal and tubal ligation reversal surgery. He performed the world’s first microsurgical vasectomy reversal, as well as the first testicle transplant and the world’s first ovary transplant. Silber is the author of three medical textbooks, four best-selling books for the layperson, and more than 150 scientific papers on human infertility and reproduction. He appears frequently in the media and was one of four physicians picked to be on the U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment study to help infertile couples in the United States.