Annual Webster Wellness Fair

The 2014 Webster Wellness Fair is scheduled for Wednesday, September 17th from 11a-1p in Grant Gym.  Come back here for more details on the Fair events and the events leading up to the Fair that week.

The goal of Webster Wellness is to encourage you make positive life-style changes that will help improve your overall health and well-being. Wellness isn’t trivial — keep pursuing it by participating in this year’s Webster Wellness Week!

Contact with any questions or suggestions!

2 Responses to Annual Webster Wellness Fair

  1. Caitlin Zera says:

    Would it be possible for Webster University Recycling to have a table at the Wellness Fair? We would like to exhibit our programs and how waste reduction efforts keep the environment and individuals healthy.
    Thank you!
    Caitlin Zera

  2. Mary "Jean" Russell says:

    I have recently met with a nutritionist, joined Gold’s Gym near my house in Arlington, VA, and have met with a trainer at the gym.
    Wow, what a difference working with professionals make.
    I have more energy and strength and the things they are teaching me I will be able to duplicate and use in my everyday life.
    My advice, don’t put off investing in your health!

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