Green Tips: Modern Ways To Live A Healthy And Green Lifestyle

Think clean, think biodegradable – Good household cleaning habits are a step in the right direction. Better still, use biodegradable +alternatives to excessive chemically-induced detergents with foul-smelling odors.

And add soda and vinegar – You can also save on costs by mixing your own homemade ingredients. For example, try using baking soda and vinegar to make your own cleaning solution.

Don’t buy plastic and don’t dump them either – The rule is simple. Next time you go to the store, avoid the plastic bags; plan ahead and bring your own. And if you have no use for the plastic bags lying about your home, locate a local recycling place and turn in those plastic bags to be recycled and put to good use. Many grocery stores provide bins to return plastic bags.

Burlap or canvas bags as alternative carry-alls – These bags are much stronger and more durable. Longer lasting, they can be used for a number of other convenient parceling tasks over and above your regular grocery shopping.

Reduce clothes washing time – Only using eco-friendly detergents, wash large loads once a week or even every second week to reduce wasted energy and water. Also take advantage of the sunniest days to reduce drying time as well.

And make sure the machine is full – An empty or half full washing machine wastes electricity. Better still, wash by hand, giving yourself a good work out as well.

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