Going Green: Winter Edition

Green Tips to Use in Winter

Plug Drafty Leaks- Check your home for windows and doors that are letting cold air inside. This will increase energy savings and help conserve heat!

Choose a Safe De-Icer- Avoid toxic chemical de-icing salts and sands. Consider the impact of the chemical on plant life, concrete, vehicles, and animals. Check out an environment friendly de-icer such as Magic Salt and Ice-Clear.

Buy Seasonal Produce- buying fruits and veggies out of season means that they are traveling longer distances, burning more fuel, and often have added preservatives to keep them fresh. Season appropriate produce requires less energy for transport, is less expensive, and tastes better!

Carpool- Winter is a rough season on everyone and everything, including cars. Consider carpooling with co-workers, fellow students and peers. This will save everyone gas expenses, as well as wear-and-tear on your car. Switch it up by taking turns!

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