Ringing in a Healthy 2019: Nutrition Resolutions

We made it to 2019! The holidays are a wonderful time to be with family and celebrate the New Year, but it’s also a time filled with cookies, sugar, and unhealthy eating habits. Many people make extreme resolutions to try new diets, cut major food groups, and restrict themselves of needed nutrients. Don’t panic- there are other ways to make healthy choices that are simple, easy, and achievable. We’ve come up with a list of nutrition suggestions that will promote healthy eating, intentional habits, and physical wellness in 2019!

Nutrition Resolutions:

  • Avoid refined sugar: Refined sugar weakens the immune system by stealing your white blood cell’s ability to destroy bacteria. Cutting refined sugar from your diet will ensure that you are getting your supplements from healthier sources!
  • Eat more greens and vegetables: A daily serving of greens, a daily serving of colored veggies, and a daily serving of Sulphur producing veggies will boost your intake of vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Eat more fermented foods: Fermented foods contain healthy bacteria that speed digestion and provide nutrients.
  • Replace Meat with Beans:Beans are packed with fiber, protein, potassium, magnesium, folate and iron. Eating beans also helps lower blood pressure.
  • Eat Plain Yogurt: Unsweetened yogurt provides a plethora of nutrients and is low fat. Add berries for your sweet tooth!
  • Cook with Canola or Olive Oil: Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats will help lower cholesterol.
  • Take Home Half Your Meal: Most restaurants serve entrée’s that contain over 1,000 calories. Eat half and enjoy the other half later!
  • Log your food intake: Write down what you’re eating and when you’re eating. This will help you track progress, physical effects, and celebrate your goals.
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