Ringing in a Healthy 2019: Fitness Resolutions

We all know that New Year’s Resolutions don’t last long. January 1st the gyms are packed, and people set big goals that are often too difficult to achieve or maintain throughout the year. Not every New Year’s resolution has to be ground breaking or impressive. Check out the list of fitness suggestions below on how to make simple changes in your life to improve your health. You don’t have to set big goals to experience change!

  • Wake Up Earlier: Even just 20 minutes gives you time to fit in a nutritious breakfast, a cardio routine, and time to relax and get organized for the day.
  • Plan and Stick to Routine: Schedule time for fitness, list your goals for the week and check in with your schedule often.
  • Start Walking: Take a stroll around the block a few times a day during your lunch break or between classes. This gives you a break from the chaos, fresh air, and easy exercise!
  • Drink More Water: Drinking water is good for your skin, hydration, and can even improve chances of weight loss.
  • Eat More Fruit: cut out refined sugar and replace it with fresh fruit. It will improve digestion while still providing a sweet taste and fresh goodness!
  • Try Something New: check out the yoga club, search for workout videos online, or use a new piece of equipment to make workouts more fun.
  • Start Meditating: this is a great way to practice mental wellness and connect with your body. Practice slow breathing and look into meditation apps for your phone to take with you wherever you go!
  • Start a Fitness Challenge: grab your friends and choose a fitness challenge that is comfortable for you and your fitness level. Monitor your results and celebrate your goals being achieved with those you are doing it with.
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