Destination: WELLNESS – March 2020

    Destination: WELLNESS

Each Tuesday in March 2020

Stay tuned for the 2020 line-up

Current plans include:

  • Champion Walk with Chancellor Stroble
  • Wellness events included with Professional Development Day on March 10
  • Fitness & Movement Check up
  • Sushi demonstration
  • Massages

Also …

  • Faculty Vs. Staff Kickball Game: Webster Faculty and Staff are invited to play in the 2nd  annual tournament style kickball game March 24 at Grant Gym sponsored by Webster Staff Alliance and Webster Wellness! Stay tuned for registration details.

10 Responses to Destination: WELLNESS – March 2020

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  3. Lisa Snowberger says:

    I cannot find the group GorlokStrong on My Fitness Pal. Any suggestions?

    • Cheryl Fritz says:

      Hi Lisa — try the following:
      1. Log on to your account through the computer (MyFitnessPal does not have access to groups through the mobile app at this time, they are working on it)
      2. Find COMMUNITY on the tool bar on the website once you’ve logged on
      3. Find GROUPS
      4. Type in “Gorlok” and then the group should pop up for you to join.
      5. You do not have to “Friend Request” the Gorlok in order to participate, just join the group

  4. Diana says:

    Is there a way for the App – MyfitnessPal to track my jogging? I’m not super fast; but, if I jog for 20 minutes I’ll have logged close to 2 miles not just 1. If I record my time and distance from my GPS running watch would that be an okay log? (I don’t think I can send that info from my watch, though…I’d just have to manually log the data.)

  5. Arnold says:

    Hi! I’m using another App to track my miles it’s called NIKE + and it’s an amazing one, I actually already finished my 26.2 miles. Is it ok to use that one?

    • debrazamora91 says:

      Wow! Congratulations! Abosolutely! MyFitnessPal was suggested for those that could use support and have discussions. It is also now a tool we can use to track our food when we eat out, make our food at home but also when we eat at Marletto’s under the name of Sodexo.

      Again, Congratulations!

      Debbie Zamora
      Graduate Assistant
      Webster Universtiy Human Resources

  6. Colette Cummings says:

    I did not sign up for the scavenger hunt, can I still sign up?

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