2016 Mindful Mile Final Results


The 2016 Mindful Mile Marathon had a total of 109 participants (80 Staff, 14 Faculty & 15 Students). We are pleased to announce that the total miles of 9,682 increased from last year’s total miles of 8,521 miles. Overall, the highest miles recorded was 1,024 miles with an average of 88 miles per participant. Participants achieved these miles through various methods, some include: walking, running, bicycling, hiking, swimming, and more.

Lastly, the 2016 Mindful Mile Marathon had a 96% completion rate, meaning 105 out of the 109 participants completed the entire marathon of 26.2 miles.

On behalf of Webster Wellness, Webster Staff Alliance, Gorlok Fitness Club and Mindful by Sodexo congratulations and way to go!

The eleven winners of our random prize drawings are as followed:

Heather Arora (Staff), FitBit

Nancy Bender (Staff), FitBit

Paul Carney (Staff), Sports Headset

Gabbie Halley (Staff), Sport Bracelet

Masha Kinley (Student), Sports Headset

Alex Lubbe (Student), FitBit

Kathryn Luster (Staff), Juicer

Kate Pitman (Staff), Sports Bracelet

Margie Prader (Staff), Sports Bracelet

Kathleen Stevens (Student), FitBit

Sara Wagner (Staff), FitBit


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